Duration: 10:36

“One of the most exquisite stories ever written, by anyone…”

Ellis Ni Dhuibhne, The Irish Times

The Rug is an adaptation of the short story by the Irish writer, Edna O’Brien, with voice over by the legendary Irish actress Anna Manahan. It is a story of loss told through the daughter looking back on her mother’s life in rural Ireland who receives a package one day from the postman. The look and feel of it come from paintings by the Fauvists who created orgies of color to project a mood yet not being true to the natural world. The composer, Michael Riesman, took inspiration from the folk tales of Stravinsky. Its skillful development of narrative evokes the character of a woman and a way of life.

A Film by
Maureen Selwood

The Rug
by Edna O’Brien

Anna Manahan

Michael Riesman